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Consolidating your debts is another option for those facing financial difficulties caused by debt.

André Gabbay & Associates Inc. Licensed Insolvency Trustee cannot help you consolidate your debt as we are a firm that specialises in bankruptcy and consumer proposals. In order to obtain a consolidation, you must contact a financial institution, such as a bank, that offers debt consolidations. There are institutions that specialize in debt consolidation; they are the ones to reach in order to pursue this option.

This option does not require you to declare bankruptcy or make a proposal. Instead, your debt is repaid through a different mean and are more likely to be paid in full.

Debt consolidation relies on obtaining a new loan that will be used solely to repay your debts. You then only have to pay off this new loan.

This option may be beneficial to you as will be required to only make one payment a month and this loan will most likely have a lower interest rate than the ones on your debts. Therefore, you would end up paying less interest long term.

Be advised that no institution is required to give you a consolidation. This loan is difficult to obtain as an individuals in financial difficulty, especially if your credit has already been affected by your debts.

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